The main services provided by Straglobus to its clients are:

       Business Planning

  • Business Plans – Complete and ready for use by Management and outsiders
  • Marketing Plans -  Market sizing, segmentation, competition, SWOT analysis and strategies
  • Sales Plans – Sales targets, strategies, plans and required organization
  • Operations Plans – Includes operations targets, organization, and implementation plans
  • Financial Projections – Financial forecasting, monthly and yearly, up to 5 years, including Income Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Company valuation, and Dilution Analysis
  • Entity Structuring – Designed to avoid probate, minimize liabilities, optimize tax strategies
  • Strategies for debt equity financing – Includes specific alternatives for Private and  Public Equity as well as Institutional and Bank Financing
  • Merger and Acquisition Advice – Identify specific industries, geographic regions, and type of companies to be acquired that meet the customer’s Business Plan objectives (through affiliation with Sunbelt Business Brokers - licensed activity)

       Business Implementation

  • Business Development – Identify and develop new markets, clients, and sales targets
  • Sales Generation – Capture clients and generate revenues
  • Marketing Presentations –  Generate marketing materials, including marketing letters, PowerPoint presentations, web layout and design, and coordination of advertisement and branding messages
  • Website design and Maintenance – We develop website layouts and design , marketing strategies using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and AdWords, and act as web masters keeping websites up to date for our clients
  • Operations Management – Assist Management to improve operational results
  • Equity and/or Debt Financing –  Assist companies in obtaining equity  financing from private and public sources, and debt financing from institutional and bank sources
  • Merger and Acquisition –Identify target acquisitions, Prepare Offer, Prepare offers, acquisition negotiations and necessary contracts, and Provide due diligence support (through affiliation with Sunbelt Business Brokers - licensed activity)