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Straglobus, Inc. specializes in Business Strategies, Business Plans, and assisting its clients in business development and operating their companies, focusing on start-up, small, and medium sized business in a variety of industries in Miami and around the World. The company's President, Eduardo Paz, has nearly 25 years of international experience, and over 18 of these years have included consulting, market research, business development, development and execution of business plans, as well as raising debt and equity capital from private sources and the public markets.   The Vice President of Straglobus, Gabriela Orúe-Paz, also over 20 years of business experience in operations and marketing.

Resources: Straglobus’ main resources are its President, Eduardo Paz, and Vice President, Gabriela Orúe-Paz. 

 Eduardo Paz Profile:  Based in Miami, Mr. Paz is the President of Straglobus, Inc. In this capacity, Mr. Paz serves as the lead consultant in the Company’s projects, providing assistance to young and growing companies to develop their business plans; properly set up their operating entities; raise equity funds through private and public sources, and debt financing from institutional and bank sources; and provide on-going operational support. Mr. Paz has coordinated client efforts with investment advisors, to raise debt or equity capital, from hundreds of thousands to several million dollars, from public, private, and financial institution sources.  Mr. Paz is also a licensed Business Broker with Sunbelt Business Brokers.
EduardoPreviously to founding Straglobus, Mr. Paz was the lead consultant for a US telecommunications operating company, assisting this client in a Mergers & Acquisition opportunity for a major Regional telecommunications operator in Latin America during 2003.   From 2001 to 2003, Mr. Paz served as Vice President for Latin America at FLAG Telecom, an undersea fiber optic operator.  Mr. Paz also served as Director for Business Development of Alcatel for Spain, Portugal and Latin America, focusing on market and customer segments, from 1998 to 2001. Based in Washington, D.C., Mr. Paz previously served as Chairman and President of Teleconsult, Inc. from 1990 to 1998 and Vice Chairman of Pocket Communications from 1994 to 1998.  Teleconsult is an international telecommunications consulting company with a record of over 30 years assisting clients in over 60 countries. Pocket Communications was co-founded by Teleconsult and was the winning bidder of 43 Personal Communications Services (PCS) licenses in the U.S. with coverage of over 35 million population.  Mr. Paz assisted Pocket in raising over $2 billion in equity and debt financing.  He also served as Transmission Planning Engineer at MCI Telecommunications, from 1984 to 1989, and as Fiber Optic Design Engineer at Codenoll Technology, from 1982 to 1983.  Mr. Paz holds a Master of Electrical Engineering from Cornell University (1983), and a dual Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, also from Cornell University (1982).   Mr. Paz has advanced PHD studies in telecommunications engineering and has taken numerous courses in business planning, economics, and accounting.

Gabriela Orúe-Paz Profile

 GabrielaBased in Miami, Mrs. Orúe-Paz, Vice President of Straglobus, Inc., is in charge the Company’s operations and business development, and participates on some of the Company’s engagement projects. 
From February 2005 to July 2006, Mrs. Orúe-Paz was assigned to manage the account for the Nicaraguan American Chamber of Commerce (NACC), where she was tasked to be the Executive Director of this client.  In this position, she was responsible for the daily operations of NACC; coordinating the development and execution of its plans and specific projects; maintaining and adequate organization and procedures; motivating volunteers and its Board of Directors; managing its budget and coordinating its accounting functions; maintaining existing members and generating new ones; supervision and training of employees and consultants; and interpreting policies.
Previously, Mrs. Orúe-Paz was Executive Assistant at Teleconsult, Inc., in Washington, D.C. (1990-1998), Riggs National Bank in Miami (1983-1989), and new accounts Manager at Alliance National Bank, also in Miami (1980-1983).  She has been a member of the Nicaraguan American Bankers Association (1984-1989) and has presided over many business events in the Nicaraguan community in Miami. 

Other Resources:

The Company has a small support staff and works with other entities, such as investment banks, to accomplish its customer’s objectives. The company will contract additional resources, including independent consultants, as required.

Gabriela Orúe-Paz
Straglobus, Inc. Vice-President